New Magnet Students To Attend Camp Everglades 2009

Freshmen new to the Environmental Science and Everglades Restoration Magnet Program at South Plantation High will get their first taste of high school life Aug. 13 at Camp Everglades 2009. During the orientation program, the 170 students will meet their classmates who come from 28 different middle and private schools throughout Broward County. Teachers will be on hand to prepare the newcomers for the academic rigors of high school. Coaches, cheerleaders and band members will encourage the freshmen to become involved in extracurricular activities. To begin the camp, students will become oriented with school procedures and the actual layout of the building through a scavenger hunt. After lunch, the teachers will work in the science building as the freshmen conduct their first magnet water testing labs analyzing the water in the nearby canal. Later, the freshmen will do team building activities using the low ropes program. At the end of the day, they will set academic goals for their first year of high school. Parents will join the camp at 6:30 for a dessert reception so they, too, can meet the teachers. Twenty-four upperclassmen are counselors who will work with the freshmen during the camp. The adopt-a-freshmen program provides a “buddy” who helps the new student feel comfortable during the first months of school. Instructor Matt Zealy is the Camp Director. For more information contact Magnet Coordinator Alyce Culpepper at 754-323-1982.